Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BREAD Challenge #14 - Mixed Berry Bread and Banana Bread

Time for another challenge with my HBin5 Bread group. Thanks again to Michelle of Big Black Dog for putting this challenge together. This time we were to make Mixed Berry Bread and Whole Wheat Banana Bread.

I have to confess that I jumped ahead a few weeks ago and made the Mixed Berry Bread. I was trying to think of way to make blueberry bagels for my son and tried this recipe. Instead of making bagels which I have not had much success at, I turned them into english muffins. My english muffin rings (from King Arthur) helped to make perfect muffins. The first time I made them though I forgot to defrost the blueberries (I only had frozen) so when I added them to the dough it was way to dry and way to cold. I was afraid I had destroyed the whole batch. So instead of throwing it out, I just left it in the fridge and when I went to look the next day, it had actually risen and I could make muffins out of it. These are a hit and I cannot make them fast enough. I have ended up making the entire batch and freezing the muffins so the kids can take them out and eat whenever they want.

I am also going to make the Banana Bread but haven't had time yet - although I do have the bananas rotting (softening) on the counter right now. I am hoping to add those pictures soon. I am anxious to try this recipe as it has no sugar (except honey) unlike regular banana bread which is loaded with cups of white sugar.

I did want to add one last thing. As anyone that has been reading this blog realizes, we are big into pizza at our house. Sometimes believe it or not I actually have dough leftover when pizza day comes around. You know that last chunk in the bottom that looks kind of gooey and not quite right. Well, instead of throwing it out (or using it which is still okay) I have been adding it to a new batch. I add the water for the new recipe into the old bucket and use my hand blender to mush it all up into a liquid and then I just add all the other ingredients as normal. Just remember that you can't do this with enriched doughs. I usually only do it with the Whole Wheat with Olive Oil dough.

This picture is after blending. Nice and ready for flour! And then pizza toppings.

Happy Baking and Eating!


  1. English Muffins are a great idea for this.

  2. I made english muffins with this dough also, and I thought they were really good. (I don't think they were as pretty as yours, though!) I'd make this dough again just to make the muffins. Wonder if the banana dough would make good english muffins, too.... Freezing them is an excellent idea -- thanks!

  3. What a great idea to do the English muffins. My bread turned out neon purple. So funny.

  4. Love the english muffin idea and the bagel idea! I have just a little bit of this dough left and am considering cinnamon rolls (minus the cinnamon)..but now I want to do the bagels instead.

  5. Love those muffins! My hubby will just love those!!!

    I do the same thing with my remaining lean doughs. It gives me a jump start on improving the flavor!!

  6. Great english muffin idea. I too sometimes use old dough in my new mixes, but never thought about using my hand blender..great suggestion.