Friday, March 12, 2010

English Muffins and more Calzones

I decided to start adding pics and stuff about the other bread I am making besides the bread for the HBin5 Challenge. So today after getting my coffee, I made the ritual Friday dough for pizza so we would have it ready for dinner.

Last week, I was looking on the HBin5 website and saw their delicious cinnamon bread, but also noticed their English Muffins. So I treated myself and bought some English Muffin molds, some Everything Bagel topping and a yeast spoon. They arrived two days ago. So right before leaving this afternoon to get my kids from school (and I mean the timer had gone off to tell me it was time to pick up my kids from school), I put together the dough for English Muffins. This dough goes together fast. I wasn't even late picking them up - I was maybe third from the end but that still counts as being on time.

So at dinner time I made the pepperoni pizza for the kids and calzones for my husband and me. I put left-over ham, sauteed onions, roasted grape tomatoes, garlic and goat cheese inside the calzones. Baked and ate every bite. I love these calzones. I roll it out much thinner than pizza so it gets really crisp.

I also formed the muffins, let them rise in the molds and baked. These look great and we look forward to eating them for breakfast. We were too full tonight to try one. I will try to add another photo of the muffins if I actually get any nooks and crannies. And they're whole wheat english muffins too!!

Happy Baking and Eating!


  1. oh love the calzones and cute snap of your lil girl with the muffins your a star bread maker

  2. I agree with Rebecca, your daughter is darling. I need to get myself some of those English muffin rings. I tried making some with canning rings this week and they worked, but they aren't as beautiful as yours. Love your calzone. Nice work.