Thursday, January 21, 2010

HBin5 Bread Challenge #2 - Soft Whole Wheat

It is time for another bread making challenge from the group. Thanks everyone for your great comments and thanks again Michelle for pushing me out of my comfort zone and into the yummy zone!

This week's challenge was to make a loaf of Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns and one loaf of Apple Strudel Bread.

I frequently make loaves for sandwiches so that wasn't new but I had not made this particular recipe. I had a little bit of trouble adequately mixing it up. I don't want to overmix/knead so I think I err on not enough mixing. There ends up being all these floury chunks in the bottom after rising. I just discard those when making bread but I need to improve my mixing technique.

It was raining all day so my 3 year old and I stayed home and baked all 3 types. A gray sky was a great time to bake bread. First we made the loaf - rose nicely as you can see from the pics.



AFTER BAKING AND BEFORE EATING! Everyone really like this bread.

Next up - hamburger buns! I really hate the buns at the store. I have never been able to find a great bun that wasn't loaded with stuff we don't want to eat. So I was excited to try these buns. Easy to make so far - this is what they look like just after forming and before they rose.

They rose nicely. I think some are going to be mini hamburgers but that will be good for the kids. Here are the finished buns - I think I will make them a little bigger next time but I like how they turned out and they actually resemble hamburger buns.


Next up Apple Strudel Bread. I figured this would be a great after school snack on a cold rainy day (well it is rainy and it did get into the 50s I think - remember this is Arizona). I used all the dough I had left since I wasn't going to have time later to use up the dough and this kind only last 5 days in the fridge. My 3 year old helped spread the apples and 3 raisons. It was supposed to be more raisons but of course someone ate them and only left 3. Why 3? I mean if you are going to eat them - eat them all. Anyway, since I used more dough than necesssary I cut it in half to put in the loaf pan but that made a mess. So I kind of stuck it back together and left it on a jelly roll stone to rise.

It came out well despite my butchering. And was once again another hit with the family. I can't remeber if there was any left before my husband came home - oops. These 3 recipes are winners in our home and I will be making them again!

One last note: all of my stones and most of my other kitchen items are from Pampered Chef. I was a consultant a few years ago and was able to get some great things.

Hope your bread turned out well too!

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Happy Baking and Eating.


  1. Your breads look delicious! I found that with the Apple Strudel bread I have some 9X5 pans that are too big for a regular loaf of quick bread were perfectly sized for this loaf. Your swirl looks fabulous! :)

  2. Wasn't this a great bread to work with? I love what you did with it- the hamburger looks delicious!

  3. Boy your hamburger buns turned out so well and I love the picture of the Hamburger....I'd love a bite right now!

    And the Apple Bread is just perfect, bet it was DE-licious too!

  4. I would say your had great success with all three recipes! Oh my, that burger looks delicious!

  5. Your hamburger buns are perfect. Everything looks beautiful. I was laughing about the raisins. My house exactly, except with chocolate chips.

  6. Your apple strudel looks vey appealing. Great job

  7. Interesting to see that you can bake the Apple Strudel bread ans pan. Nice job.

  8. I definitely laughed at the three raisins bit. Your son sounds adorable!

    All of the bread looks delicious!

  9. All of your breads look delicious! Great job!

  10. I'm laughing about the 3 raisins left! Sounds like my house. Everything turned out great and I love the idea of mini hamburger buns!

  11. Great looking breads. I should make some mini hamburger buns. My son likes to make mini burgers. They would be great with them! Thanks for the idea!

  12. Great job, everything looks yummy! I have a couple of hamburger buns in the freezer, can't wait to make burgers with them!

  13. Mini burgers..great idea. Very nice looking bread.

  14. I think it's a bit like leaving two pieces of cereal in the box or one sheet of toilet paper on the roll. If you don't "finish" it, you don't have to deal with the trash or get out the new roll! Such hard jobs...
    Your buns and breads look great. I have a three year old helper also, but honestly don't always have the patience to let him "help" but he loves to.

  15. I really like how the strudle turned out - it's a nice alternative to the version in the pan. I think next time I make it I might very well try it that way. Thanks for sharing!