Monday, January 11, 2010

HBin5 Bread Challenge #1 - Master Recipe

Welcome to everyone that is a part of the HBin5 Challenge. I am excited to embark upon this adventure of baking our way through the HBin5 book. I like the challenge and the encouragement to try some recipes I likely wouldn't have tried on my own. Thanks to Michelle and all the work she has done to organize this bread challenge.

To start off we made the Master Recipe. From this I made a regular loaf of bread but sprinkled poppy seed over the top before baking. Kids were not too excited about the poppy seed but it tasted yummy.
From the same Master Recipe, I made the Epi shaped bread a week later. This is something I probably never would have attempted before but it was really easy to do and made a nice presentation. It also taste best fresh so I plan on making this next time right before we eat dinner.And then the challenge was to make Spicy Whole Grain Snack Crackers. Well, my crackers were tasty as you can see by my son's hand grabbing them off the cooling rack instead of the cheese pizza I had just made. The only thing was they were really not what I would consider crackers - they were not really crispy. I made them thin enough. I think that my expectations were just not correct. They would go well with a soup or cheese as I saw some other people do or as little poppers in your mouth as they cool down. I also didn't use enough spice. I really need to be spicing and flavoring my breads better.
Thanks for visiting and I look forward to many more yummy days ahead.

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Happy baking and bread eating!


  1. Good for you!
    What an interesting project...I might have to get that book and try for myself.
    Any tips on getting started?

  2. Vicki - Just go for it! I mainly bake from the Healthy Bread book now and it doesn't take 5 minutes a day and the kids love the bread!

  3. NICE boule and so perfectly shaped too! Glad you had fun with the Master Recipe! Your Epi looks fabulous and again shaped so well!

    Love your cooling rack with the legs, have not seen one like that before!

  4. Your boule and epi both turned out beautifully!

  5. thanks so much for visiting my blog, your breads are awesome will enjoy following along with you

    LOL Rebecca

  6. I love the poppy seeds on your boule, it looks so nice and I bet it had a nice flavor as well. Good idea!

  7. Great job..........they look perfect!!!

  8. Everything looks excellent but i'm partial to your epi. :)

  9. Your bread and wreath look wonderful and I bet teh crackers tasted great...I mean, what kids passes up pizza for anything unless its good, right? The crackers were a bit of a challenge for me. I'd like to try them again sometime

  10. Love the title of your blog! So nice to "meet" another fellow bread baker. Loved how the poppy seeds looked on your bread. I had trouble with the crackers, too. I'm thinking with a little practice with the rolling pin I could get the crackers to turn out. Great job!