Thursday, August 19, 2010

BREAD Challenge #17 - Vollkornbrot Bread

So I finally made some more bread for the HBin5 Challenge. The hard part about being behind is not the being behind part. It is the fact that we don't get to eat all this great bread because I am behind.

Anyway, I made the Vollkornbrot bread for the challenge and it was delicious. This is the type of bread I always imagined making when I thought of whole grain bread. It has actual whole grains in it. I must sound so ignorant but I have never bought a whole grain before. I have bought loads of whole wheat flour but never "whole wheat berries". They are so cute - are you allowed to call them cute? - and so nutritional - and so great in bread. I only let the bread dough wait 24 hours before baking. The grains were still a little stiff for my kids but my husband couldn't get enough of it. I think if I left the dough for another day it would be just right.

I also wanted to make Mesquite Bread too but I am having a bit of trouble finding mesquite flour. I found some at Whole Foods but it was $10 for a small bag. I wasn't up for that. I think there may be a better source at the Phoenix Farmers Market so I need to go visit the market soon.

I am hoping to make the Rosemary Baguette next!

Happy Baking and Eating!


  1. The Vollkornbrot is by far my favorite bread so far. We just loved it and it is so good toasted with loads of butter!

    I couldn't find the Mesquite Flour either and I don't like buying food via the internet as I seem to get carried away way to easily!

    So glad you enjoyed this bread as much as I did!


  2. I enjoyed this bread very much also and like you only left it the one day. I will mix up another batch and leave it longer. The Rosemary Baguettes were another favourite here.

  3. I didn't get to Vollkornbrot this time, but yours looks so good. The other bakers seemed to like it as well. So, I think I'm going to have to make this one.

  4. I didn't make the Vollkornbrot, but yours is a beautiful loaf. I'm going to have to try it.

  5. i was on vacation or something when this bread was assigned.....but everyone has such wonderful things to say about it, that I think I need to make it!
    btw...the masquite flour may be exp. but it will go a looong way and is wonderful in desserts since it's not smokey in flavor...but kinda sweet like cocoa and cinnamon

  6. oh ya....and your loaf looks fantastic :)