Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blueberry "Bagels"

My son loves bagels. I think he has at least one every day. He also loves the bread I have been making. So my husband suggested I make blueberry bagels - his favorite. I had tried to make bagels when I first got the ABin5 book and I found them a little time consuming and the boiling a little tricky so I haven't tried them since then. My husband then found the Whole Wheat Mixed Berry Bread recipe in HBin5 (pg. 197) and we thought that would be a good compromise. I could make them in the new english muffin molds I got so they would at least be somewhat bagel shaped, just without the hole. We thought that would be great as the cream cheese always seems to fall through the hole anyway.

So I made the recipe. First mistake, I forgot to de-thaw the frozen blueberries before I put them in the mixture. Frozen berries have no juice so it left the dough dry and cold. So I added more water which made it a little soupy. But I let it sit on the counter anyway. After 2 hours not much rise. I thought I would need to throw it all out and start over. Since it was late I put it in the fridge and by morning it had actually risen quite nicely in the fridge.

So I made the Blueberry "bagels" and he loves them! I am going to bake and freeze some now to see how that works as we always freeze our regular bagels.

Happy Baking and Eating!

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